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What to Look For When Hiring a Marble Restoration Company

Picking the right company to do your Marble Floors Restoration can be a challenging task. In many cases, customers privilege price over quality, and the results can be catastrophic. A company or individual with no or little experience can really spoil your Marble surfaces in a way that the economy into hiring a less than qualified professional can turn in a huge loss that will force you to spend sometimes ten times more to fix the problem.

So, what should you look for when hiring a professional to restore your marble surfaces? We give you 6 things to look for when hiring a company or professional to deal with your precious marble areas.

1 – References, Reviews and Testimonials

You definitely must look into the company or professional’s references, or testimonials. What other people are saying about this company? You can always do a Google Search on the name of the company to see if there are any complaints about it online on one of the many complaint or rip-off websites. One or two bad reviews might be normal, if the company have a lot of positive reviews, but if there are too many of them, be careful if you decide to hire this professional or company.

2 – Is the Company Affiliated to the Better Business Bureau?

BBB requires a paid membership to be part of, however, it’s an invaluable source if you want to figure out how serious this company is. The BBB requires that their members say only the truth on their websites, so a BBB member is likely to have information on their sites that is pretty much 100% accurate. Also, when checking the company’s BBB page, see what rating the company has, and if it’s less than A+, find out what’s impacting their score.

3 – Do They Have Insurance?

Always overlooked, the insurance is what will guarantee you that, if the company does something wrong, it will be fixed, or you will get paid for your loss, allowing you to replace or fix your spoiled marble surfaces. Always check if the contractor is insured, and what is the coverage. Always ask for a copy of their insurance certificate.

4 – Are They Licensed?

Most of the times, professionals that charge you less than market prices on their work, are likely to not have a license to work. There might be many professionals that can perform a good job without a license, but it’s a huge risk you don’t want to take. A licensed professional is a lot more likely to perform an outstanding job for you than one that does not have a license. Always ask for the company or professional’s license before hiring them.

5 – How Easy it is to Contact Them?

Does the company have an office? Is their website well designed and easy to find contact information? When you call them, do you have straight answers and first of all, do they pick-up the phone? Do they answer e-mails? Ask yourself these questions. If it’s hard to get in touch with the company before the service starts, imagine how it’s going to be if something goes wrong? Sometimes the difference is on the little details, and if the company has a established place of business (store or office), proper staff that address issues and questions you may have by phone or email and a well-designed site, it’s a good start. Mind you, having the perfect site and be accessible might now mean anything, but it’s better than finding a company that does not have these things. Try to work preferably with companies like that, instead of the often called “Mickey Mouse” companies!

6 – Can They Show Examples of Their Work?

In most cases, the company’s website will have pictures of their recent work, but it is also easy to find companies that copy pictures from other sites, or have many stock photos purchased. Ask them if the images on their website are of jobs that they have done and do a Google Image search to try and see if you can find the same images on another site. If you do, try to determine if these images where copied from or by the professional in question. Good examples of their work in pictures or even video, will help establish how the history of this company is and what kind of jobs they have performed already.

We believe that if you follow those rules, you’ll be able to find out if you are dealing with the “real deal”, or just another fake company that will not perform well and cause you more stress than joy.


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